Ships' release

Unfortunately, Morocco is probably one of the best forums for arresting vessels in the world.

Thus, Owners, charterers and their P&I club are very often exposed to vessels’ arrests.

Our main goal is to assist clients to avoid arrests through proactive action taken towards claimants.

Defmar is recognized by Moroccan claimants, mainly cargo underwriters and Terminals, as the leading P&I club correspondent so that Defmar has full credibility to take preventive action through swift communication with clubs and Owners to prevent arrests to be practiced on vessels.

When a vessel is arrested, our aim is to release the vessel the soonest possible.

We first assess the merits of the arrest to see whether it can be challenged before the court.

When it is not the case, the top priority is to get Claimants accept an LoU (Letter of undertaking) issued by Defmar on behalf of the P&I club.

Thanks to the reliability gained over the decades, Defmar is the sole P&I club correspondent in Morocco whose LOU is accepted by all Underwriters, Terminals and Port authorities (subject in general to an undertaking to replace same by a Bank Guarantee within a certain period of time unless the case is settled amicably).

We manage then through our experiment lawyers to secure quick release judgements and arrange for the service of same the soonest possible.

We and our lawyer have a real expertise in quickly lifting vessel’s arrests.