Our experienced teams of claim handlers is dedicated to assess the merits of the claim from the very outset of our attendance.

We are available to assist with any kind of claims(cargo claims, ship’s collisions and FFO, admiralty).


We first review claim supporting documents and provide legal opinions to our principals.  

Depending of the nature and basis of the claim, we can recommend either to reject the claim or to seek an out of court agreement.


When negotiating claims, we rely on our experience and full knowledge of court precedents in order to try to reach amicable settlements on best possible terms.

This is our priority saving thereby legal costs and time.

When, we consider that the claim is not well-based or bound to fail before the court, we reject the claim upon clients’ instructions and keep monitoring the claim until it is brought before the court.

In all litigations, we can rely on qualified international maritime lawyers with wealth experience in shipping matter.


In the meantime, we ensure to keep legal fees reasonable.

Throughout the legal process we monitor the proceedings and provide constant updates and reports to our clients and principals.


Our attendance enables clients to get most of the claims rejected by the court or at least condemnation reduced significantly.